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/ seb128: so, if you consider those a design goal, then we can't have them (again, because they change and would have to be re-reviewed) hum I don't know enough about the design of tracker to judge that seb128: which makes it a chicken and egg situation :-/ I would be happy to change that behaviour on the command line though or adding an option to ignore such files let's discuss with mdeslaur on #u-desktop seb128: sorry, in that case, I was referring to the'result' of the rename bug ;) I know seb128: what are the consequences for my single test case? you don't want to commit a change like that it will make things fail in several other cases seb128: you mean the results are incoherent and that's a drawback? no, I just said that the test case is weird when you re-downgrade you will get different results and you will get different results when you upgrade that's what I'm speaking about it's not that the results are incoherent it's that we don't have a check on upgrades that would allow those ie the tests should have been rewritten to check the upgrade path seb128: so, we need a 'rolling upgrade' feature? yes it would be similar to what the dist-upgrade do but if you upgrade only from 0.5.0 you would just get the new version if you upgrade from 0.5.0-1 you would get the downgrade which could lead to bugs ie you would get a behaviour that you have if you had a downgrade applied on an upgrade seb128: I can't use the dist-upgrade feature to see if my




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Telecharger Midnight Club 3 Pc Gratuit Sur 01net 2022

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